The Air Mobility Rodeo is a biennial, international airlift competition hosted by the United States Air Force Air Mobility Command. AMC gathers wings from active duty, reserve, and Air National Guard units from across the United States and around the world to test and improve tactics in a competitive environment. In this environment units are able to demonstrate capabilities, improve procedures, compare notes, and enhance standardization for global operations.

The Paintings

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Window on the World
View of Mt. Rainier from a C130 Hercules
My first flight aboard a C130

Over the Mountain
Corner Office

Over the Mountain/Corner Office
My first assignment from the USAF was to document the Air Mobility Command Rodeo at McChord AFB. My escort, after much maneuvering, secured a spot for me on a C-130 from Savannah flying a medevac simulation with a Pakistani medical team. It was my first experience aboard a military flight, and I was granted access to the flight deck. As I marvelled at the spectacular view of Mt. Rainier, one of the crew quipped, “Yeah, there’s a great view from the corner office!”

Life Lessons
Aboard a C130 Hercules flying a med evac training mission out of McChord AFB in Seattle with a Pakistani medical team
Collection of the USAF, Office of the Surgeon General

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Telling the Story
Mission to Fallujah April 2004
On my first mission I was assigned to the Air Mobility Command Rodeo, where I met two men whose helicopter had been shot down by an rpg, this painting tells the story of that attack, and shows the spirit of the two men as they told me their story.
Collection of the USAF, Special Operations Forces

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